Moroni & Partners, thanks to its flexible organizational structure, it is able to satisfy the needs of all types of clients and to work and manage large projects at national and international level.

Some of the main players in the world of finance and energy already choose Moroni & Partners to carry out successful projects.

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Moroni & Partners pays attention to the quality of the services offered, respecting the environment, rationalizing  the use of energy and taking care about the health and safety of workers. For this reason the company pursued the following certifications, strengthening its commitment for a qualitative and sustainable future:

Moroni & Partners s.r.l.

Full Service Company s.r.l.

Moroni & Partners continues - and will continue - to invest in quality, a guarantee of professionalism and competitiveness for its customers.


Moroni & Partners, thanks to the experience and expertise of its team and a vast portfolio of services, looks to the future with ambition and optimism, promoting sustainable and innovative solutions for the market and considering each victory a new starting point for pursuing the excellence. The professionalism and experience gained over the years are confirmed by the frequent awards obtained in various sectors, some of which are listed below:

Moroni & Partners Award 2020Moroni & Partners wins the international financial award 2018Global business Insight AwardGlobal Awards 2017