Full Service Company S.r.l., subsidiary of Kiwa Moroni S.r.l., executes the permission process, the design, the construction surveillance and the safety of power plants, supporting investors and EPC contractors in the choice of sustainable energy saving solutions.

Energy Engineering services are aimed at investors who are looking for a reliable and independent partner for the drafting and monitoring of projects and EPC contractors who are looking for an efficient and competent reality for the execution of engineering services.

Full Service Company, which has been operating for years in the field of renewable energy sources and high energy efficiency plant engineering, is responsible for authorizing, designing and supervising the works and the safety of plants for the production of energy and designing solutions for energy saving mainly in the industrial, civil and tertiary sectors.

solar panel
hydrogen production

The extensive skills acquired over time allow Full Service Company to operate throughout the entire process of design, development and verification of energy plants and to verify the works' execution, related to investments, with the presence on site of experienced and qualified personnel with services of:

  • Project Development and Authorizing Engineering
  • Executive Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction and Safety Supervision in the Planning and Execution Phase
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • As-Built Drawings

Full Service Company is specialized in renewable energy production plants and in the intelligent and innovative application of new technologies, with particular focus on Utility Scale Photovoltaic, Commercial and Industrial Photovoltaic, Wind Power Plants, Hydrogen Production and Storage Plants, Electrical and Thermal Plants. In addition, Moroni & Partners is able to provide Energy Engineering services for

  • Revamping and Repowering services on existing plants
  • Electrochemical energy storage systems
  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Energy efficiency measures for buildings and plants

Why choose Kiwa Moroni?

Choosing Kiwa Moroni means choosing a reliable partner with a wide portfolio of services, a one stop shop for every need and requirement.

Kiwa Moroni, has carried out technical consultancy services and, through its subsidiary Full Service Company, engineering services at national and international level on photovoltaic plants for a total power of over 15 GW. With a team of over 50 specialists working in the field of renewable energy sources and high energy efficiency systems, we are able to guarantee a professional level that meets the needs of banks, investors, industrial clients, public entities and EPC contractors.