Green Arrow Capital and Moroni & Partners together for the start-up of mini-hydro plants

Moroni & Partners, with a team of specialized technical consultants, has supported Green Arrow Capital with technical Due Diligence activities and the monitoring of the mini-hydro plants construction phase, functional to the acquisition of the projects and the financing with Banco BPM.

Green Arrow Capital, one of the largest independent Italian operators specialized in alternative investments and manager of the Green Arrow Energy Fund (GAEF), consolidates its position in the Renewable Energy Infrastructure sector with the start-up of the first two mini-hydro plants, located on aqueducts in Viterbo and Campobasso.

The plants, whose construction started last August, were realized through the exploitation of existing water systems, intended for drinking water use and the use of wells and tanks. The two assets are part of a pipeline of more than 50 plants, mainly located on existing water pipelines, on which Green Arrow has an exclusive right, for a total value of more than € 40 million.

The transaction stems from the partnership started in 2018 with AES Holding of Bassano, a leading company in Italy in the development of mini-hydroelectric plants. On the other hand, the construction of the plants has been entrusted to Zilio Group, which has been involved in the construction and maintenance of hydroelectric plants and water treatment for decades.

Moroni & Partners, with a team of specialized technical consultants, supported Green Arrow Capital with technical due diligence activities and the monitoring of the construction phase, functional to the acquisition of the projects and the financing of the plants with Banco BPM.

What are the advantages of mini-hydro plants?

Mini-hydroelectric (small hydro) is the definition given to power plants that use the potential energy of a water jump to produce an amount of electricity commensurate with the flow rate and height of that specific jump.

Mini-hydro or small hydro, apart from the use of renewable energy sources, has several advantages over large hydroelectric plants. These include:

  • Low investment: the construction of such a plant generally takes place on flowing water that does not require the construction of particularly expensive works (such as large dams). This allows a quick return on investment;
  • It allows an improvement of the hydrogeological conditions of the territory;
  • It contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect, and therefore benefits from green certificates for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Like any power plant, the development and implementation of a small hydroelectric plant requires an appropriate level of technical expertise, in order to consider all the variables involved and minimize all the risks associated with the project.

Moroni & Partners, thanks to the experience and expertise of its team of professionals, guarantees a professional level able to meet the needs of banks, investors, industrial clients, public bodies and EPC contractors who want to invest in sustainability. In addition, thanks to its extensive portfolio of services, Moroni & Partners acts as a single point of contact for its clients, offering them solutions and support for all types of needs and requirements.

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