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Kiwa Moroni is pleased to have supported MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese, the Corporate & Investment Bank of the Montepaschi Group, in the refinancing of 9 photovoltaic plants of the GAEF "Green Arrow Energy Fund". Specifically, Kiwa Moroni, as Technical Advisor, through a multidisciplinary team, has carried out analysis related to the verification of the authorization process, the GSE incentive practices, the technical aspects with checks in the field and the project contracts. Kiwa Moroni has also provided support in the estimation of the productivity of the plants and in the evaluation of the technical and economic assumptions for the definition of the refinancing Base Case.

The refinancing will allow the fund to pursue further strategic investments, such as those in the Biomethane and Mini-hydroelectric sectors. The operation confirms the synergy between a banking group particularly sensitive and focused on the issues of sustainable development and renewable energy as the Montepaschi Group, and a company in a leadership position as Green Arrow Capital, among the leading players in the field of renewable energy in Italy and Europe.

Kiwa Moroni would like to thank MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese, Green Arrow Energy Fund and the other Advisors involved in the transaction for the fruitful collaboration during the deal.

About MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese

MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese is the Montepaschi Group's corporate and investment bank, leader in the renewable energy and public utilities segments. It is engaged in the corporate market and is characterized as a high-level specialist centre for the solution of a wide range of financial and credit issues, focusing on medium and long term credit products and specialized, corporate finance activities, capital markets products and structured finance.

Kiwa Moroni alongside leading credit institutions and investment funds

Kiwa Moroni, which has been operating for years in the field of renewable sources and high energy efficiency plants, actively collaborates with leading banks and investment funds, as well as with those who require an independent control to protect their energy investments.

Kiwa Moroni Technical Advisory services are aimed at:

  • Investors looking for a reliable and independent partner for the verification of plants in operation during M&A transactions and for the control of projects during their development phase;
  • Credit institutions interested in verifying guarantees of ROI and thus mitigate the risk in financing operations;  
  • Manufacturers interested in verifying the bankability of products and technologies;
  • Plant owners looking for authoritative and independent analysis to optimize plant performance and evaluate revamping/repowering opportunities.
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