Moroni & Partners next to FERA and Natixis as Technical Advisor

The activities of Moroni & Partners continue, this time in the wind energy sector and as technical advisor in the project finance operation of 30 million Euros in favour of FERA SRL - Fabbriche Energie Rinnovabili Alternative, for a wind energy portfolio of 20.8 MW.

The management company Natixis, financial advisor for the transaction, and FERA SRL - Fabbrica Energie Rinnovabili Alternative, through its subsidiary Aleramo SRL, announced the completion of the financing for 30 million euros of a 20.8 MW wind power portfolio.

The transaction will allow the construction and operation of two wind farms, respectively Cascinassa (20 MW) and Rocca Moglie (0.8 MW), both located in Liguria.

The two plants will be connected to the grid by the end of 2021, making use of the proven wind turbine technology developed by Vestas (Cascinassa) and Enercon (Rocca Moglie), which also act as maintenance (O&M) operators.

Moroni & Partners acted as Technical Advisor, analyzing the authorization aspects, the Wind Assessment activities and the technical aspects of the project.

The wind energy market in Italy

Italy is currently the fifth country in Europe in terms of installed wind capacity, with an overall total of 10,758 MW of onshore plants installed by 2019, 90% of which are concentrated in the South and on the islands thanks to the greater availability in these regions of suitably windy sites.

But what are the prospects of Italian wind power in the medium-long term?

According to the PNIEC, National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate, in 2030 the Italian wind energy should reach about 19,300 MW of installed capacity, of which 900 MW from offshore wind. This capacity would guarantee an annual electricity production of 40 TWh, the 10% of the gross national electricity consumption.

Moreover, in order to achieve the 2030 renewable energy targets, it will be necessary not only to stimulate new production, but also to preserve existing production and indeed, where possible, increase it by promoting the revamping and repowering of plants. In particular, the opportunity to promote investment in revamping and repowering of existing wind turbines with more advanced and efficient ones, taking advantage of the good windiness of sites already known and used, will also limit the impact on land consumption.

Moroni & Partners for the wind energy

Thanks to Due Diligence activities, Moroni & Partners supports investors and funders in evaluating their projects in the most appropriate way, proceeding to an accurate analysis of all the technical aspects, highlighting risks and all the adequate mitigation measures. Specifically, Moroni & Partners performs the technical Due Diligence activities for the following transactions:

  • Merge & Acquisition (M&A) transactions of projects under development (Primary Market) and of operational projects (Secondary Market)
  • Project Financing of plants to be built (Primary Market) and Re-Financing of operating plants (Secondary Market)


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