Moroni & Partners Technical Advisor of Octopus Renewables in the transaction with A2A

Moroni & Partners is pleased to have supported, as Vendor Technical Advisor, Octopus Renewables, an operator specialized in the management of investments in the renewable energy sector and part of the group headed by Octopus Investments Ltd. The Technical Due Diligence activities were functional to the signing of the agreement with A2A for the sale of a portfolio consisting of 17 photovoltaic plants with a total nominal capacity of 173 MW.

The asset is the largest portfolio currently operating in Italy in market parity, which does not benefit from the incentives of the GSE and, considering the size of the portfolio, is considered as an unprecedented transaction.

The plants, located in Lazio and Sardinia, will be able to produce about 420 GWh per year of green energy, equal to the annual consumption of about 200,000 residential customers, allowing to avoid the emission of a total of 2.5 million tons of CO2 over their entire life cycle. The characteristics of the individual plants and the connection solutions used create the conditions for the development, in the near future, of complementary activities such as: production of green hydrogen and supply of services to the electricity grid with electrochemical storage systems.

Experience and competence at the service of customers

The Due Diligence activities carried out by Moroni & Partners allow investors and lenders to evaluate their projects in the most appropriate way, proceeding to an accurate analysis of all the technical aspects of a project, highlighting the risks and the appropriate mitigation measures. In addition, the strong technical, scientific and regulatory specialization allows Moroni & Partners to offer its wide portfolio of services along all the phases of a project life cycle, specifically:

  • Plants under development or construction - technical due diligence functional to Merge & Acquisition (M&A) operations of projects under development and project financing of plants to be built;
  • Operating plants - technical due diligence functional to Merge & Acquisition (M&A) operations of operating projects and refinancing of operating plants.‍

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