From Moroni & Partners to Kiwa Moroni

Moroni & Partners becomes Kiwa Moroni, a combination of more than 15 GW of experience in Technical Advisory, Due Diligence and Asset Management activities carried out worldwide and the strength and solidity of Kiwa International Group.

In recent years, branding has increasingly become a key lever for the success of a company, a group of companies or a single service. The brand is no longer just a set of shapes and colors combined with a trade name. Today it is much more: it is what reflects the values of an organization, its identity and personality, or even the perception that the market has of the company, its services and its organizational culture.

For this reason, almost two years after the acquisition, Moroni & Partners becomes Kiwa Moroni, a combination that brings together the more than 15 GW of experience in Technical Advisory, Due Diligence and Asset Management activities carried out worldwide, with the strength and solidity of the Kiwa International Group, with its global presence, more than 5500 employees and half a billion in turnover.

Today's, is an important milestone, as it represents the final step of an integration process that started already in the summer of 2019 with the acquisition of the company. At the same time, this rebranding operation of Kiwa Moroni is also the symbol of a new beginning, which emphasizes the official entry of the reality born back in 2004 in Camerano, in a large international group with a shared mission, culture and values.

More than 15 GW of experience...

Moroni & Partners was founded in the early 2000s, growing in a short time in terms of experience, services and client portfolio, until it became one of the largest energy engineering structures in Italy with more than 15 GW of expertise on energy production plants powered by renewable sources.

In August 2019 Moroni & Partners joins the Kiwa Group, one of the global leaders in Testing, Inspection and Certification, present in over 40 countries worldwide, from Europe to Asia and Latin America, with more than 100 offices and 5500 employees.

Change of Company Name

Effective May 14, 2021, the name of our Company has changed from Moroni & Partners S.r.l. to Kiwa Moroni s.r.l. Tax code, VAT number and registered office remain unchanged.

We invite all Kiwa Moroni's stakeholders to update the data in their personal files and on all documents addressed to Kiwa Moroni. We remain at complete disposal for any further information, documentation and clarification.

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