“The development of utility scale solar PV in Italy”: discover more about the regulatory context with the webinar organized by Italia Solare.

Italy will need to reach 30 GW of photovoltaic power in the next 10 years to meet the commitments made in its National Energy and Climate Plan. However, planning and developing a utility scale solar project in Italy, differently from other european countries where the process is easier and faster, usually takes up to three years.

This is due to Italy’s permitting process for land that is usually the same, both to construct a 5 MW solar project and 150 MW solar parks.

Moreover, Italy’s regulatory framework consists of many complex regional layers: it follows that, even if the general rules for solar projects are part of the national regulatory framework, they change depending on the zones, enforced differently at a regional level. With so many players involved in the process, from regional authorities to national agencies, it’s not easy to have clear information about which land is suitable for solar installations.

Developers are then forced to study environmental, landscape and energy strategies of both regional and national authorities.

In this complex and difficult frame, what are the opportunities for foreign operators to invest and build new PV systems in Italy and what are the procedures for installing them? Thanks to the Webinar organised by Italia Solare, participants will get an overview of the regulatory context region by region with a special focus on Lazio, Apulia and Sicily. Loris Morsucci, Technical Director of Moroni & Partners, will take part to the discussion as a presenter, focusing on subsidies and market parity.


10:30 - Introduction

Emiliano Pizzini | Vice President @ITALIA SOLARE

10:40 - Permitting procedures: national overview

Emilio Sani | Board @ITALIA SOLARE

11:00 - Permitting procedures: focus on Sicily, Apulia and Lazio

Vito Campanella | Regional contact person for Sicily

Marco Balzano | Regional contact person for Apulia

Carlo Frezza | Regional contact person for Lazio

11:30 - Subsidies vs market parity

Loris Morsucci | Technical Director @Moroni and Partners

11:50 - Energy market prices and trends

Michele Governatori

12:10 - Q&A

12:30 - Closing

The Webinar will be held on Friday, 11th September, from 10:30 to 12:30 AM.

Participation is free for Italia Solare corporate members. Register here!

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